Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Dude Abides!

There comes a time in life when you suddenly realise there is something out there that is far better than being a Jedi. This usually coincides with one maturing into adulthood, which itself coincides with watching The Big Lebowski. Now, rather than pretending to use the Force to switch the television channel over, or having light-sabre fights with bread-sticks, you can instead give in to your inner-Dude and drink as many White Russians as you can muster! Fuck it, who cares about destroying the Death Star when you can go bowling instead. Destroying the Death Star sounds too much like hard work and, as an acolyte of El Duderino, that’s just a step too far from the pursuit of idle perfection.

Hell, even watching The Big Lebowski requires too much effort these days. Imagine how much time you could be spending admiring your rug that really ties the living room together instead! What we really need is some smart-arse to compile a short version of The Big Lebowski so that all the eternal slackers that abide to the concepts of Dudeism can dutifully pay tribute to their saviour regularly. And just when you thought one of the fucking funniest movies ever made couldn’t get any better, oh my, it just has.

Here is a version of The Big Lebowski you can watch that only take a few minutes of your time and will still have you in absolute hysterics! I swear my spleen almost burst from too many chuckles, which in all honesty, is very un-Dude like…

The 'fucking' short version...


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